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Learn to Surf with Nego

Personalized Surfing Coach  with a Local Pro +  Meet New People 


Tailored coaching secessions are perfect for those traveling by themselves or with friends.  Our coaching sessions are great way to learn the sport with a local top pro that will guide you to an exciting experience while also providing great tips for where to go and what else to do while your out of the water and exploring the town - Meet new people or stay hang out with your friends in an incredible experience in one of the most majestic places in the Caribbean. 


  • 4 hours of personalized surf instruction
  • Board rental (hand picked for best fit)
  • Board transportation 


  • Surfing Rash guard

  • Sport Sunscreens

  • Towel 

  • Drinking water

  • Snacks 

  • 15 min:  Surfing technique and safety overview

  • 15 min :  Dry Drills on practicing surfing technique, how to read the waves and surf approach and strategy

  • 2: hours : Surf instruction in the water: practice paddling, reading waves, popping up, safely falling , wave management and riding waves. 

  • 15 min :  Hydration and snack break at shore 

    • * Selfie with the coach  (optional)  

  • 1 :15 hour :   Surf instruction in the water: Lesson continues +  Now you can ride as many waves as you'd like. 

* Please arrive 30 minutes early to register and sign waivers and just enjoy the awesome views. 

  • Hydrate properly 30 minutes prior to your lesson

  • Get a small snack 45 minutes prior the lesson

  • Have fun with prudency (Safety First Always)

  • Communicate openly with your coach about how you feel

  • Engage with fellow surfers while waiting for waves, its a great time to meet other fellow adventurers


$109: 4 Hours

* Want more time and days?  we can customize your experience based on your needs.

Terms and Conditions
  • $55 none refundable deposit in event of no show or the class is cancelled in less than 4 days in advanced.
  • Customer must be a good swimmer and be able to managed unexpected nature conditions in the water. 
  • Customer is aware that nature is unpredictable and uncontrollable so conditions cannot be guaranteed.
  • Customer is aware and understand that the ocean under force of nature and not under our control.  

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